Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Trip to Lübeck

Lübeck is absolutely beautiful...another medieval city that still has it's charm with the towers, churches, stepped gables, city hall plaza, outdoor cafes and restaurants, quaint little shops, etc. We took the elevator in one church to the top tower for an overview of the city where a couple pictures were taken. We had dinner outside and it was so pleasant. Loved the Christian art in the churches with the intricately carved wooden alters, stained glass windows, etc. All this and home by 6 p.m. A lovely P-day diversion.

Brilliant yellow fields of oil seed rape plants which produce canola oil

Our Apartment in Spring

Our apartment building in Spring

Our Apartment in Winter

This is our apartment building. You can also see the car we drive.

A Look Inside Our Apartment

Our Kitchen

Our desks
Living room
Elder Jones working on the computer
Our bedroom

Collage pictures of our families

Sister Jones, outside of our apartment

This picture was taken back in January, when it was much colder and I needed my warm coat and hat.

Around Our Neighborhood

Our bakery in Kronshagen

Our bank in Kronshagen
Janet at neighboorhood park
A neighborhood street

Grade school in Kronshagen

The Institute Outreach Center in Kiel

We spend 5 days a week here, participating in various activities with the students. We have Family Night, Institute Night, and an Activity Night - among other things.

A Look Inside the Outreach Center

Lounge and main classroom
Game room
Reading room
Enjoying dinner in center
Buffet line
Family Home Evening
Game Night
Helping hands in kitchen
Men at work in game room

Choir practice

English Class at the Outreach Center

Sister Jones teaching her English class

English class

Friday Night Activities at the Center

Karaoke Night
Getting ready for "Oldies" dance
Two young ones at the "Oldies" dance

The DJs at the "Oldies" dance

The Kiel Chapel

This is where we attend church each Sunday in Kiel

Church Friends

Br. & Sis. Zickler, Sisters Rimmasch & Earl

Sisters Hardel and Christensen, Kiel