Friday, August 31, 2007

Münster - Our P-day Excursion

We went on an outing to Münster on a recent P-day.

Sisters at the Street Display

Sisters Earl, Jones, and Wilson at a Street Display in downtown Dortmund.

Dortmund Ward Summer Party

Elder Jones pictured with his entry of Chicken Enchiladas for the Men's cook-off competition at the Dortmund ward party. (He tied for 2nd place).

Essen Chapel - Zone Conference

This is the Essen chapel where we attended a recent Zone conference.

Institute Night

Here is an Institute Night at the Dortmund Outreach Center.

Paderborn YSA Conference

We attended a week long Young Single Adult Conference in Paderborn. Nearly 800 youth plus leaders attended from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It was a great week for all.

In downtown Paderborn
Elder Clayne Robison conducting the young single adult conference choir in downtown Paderborn.

Testimony meeting on the last day of the conference.

Wewelsburg Castle

Interior court of Wewelsburg Castle, near Paderborn


The Davises, Joneses and Andersons in Dortmund

Market Day

Here are some pictures from one of our Market Days in Hombruch (our part of Dortmund).

Dortmund District - August 2007

Missionaries in the Dortmund District, August 2007

Westfallen Park

We went to Westfallen Park in Dortmund on one of our P-days.

Downtown Dortmund

Pedestrian zone in downtown Dortmund