Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Transfer to Dortmund

We expected to spend our entire mission in Kiel, but toward the end of June President Barber called and asked us to transfer to Dortmund. The couple that was there had to return to Canada because of health problems and it was felt that the relatively young program in Dortmund with its recently completed Outreach Center needed an experienced couple. A new couple who arrived in the mission on July 14th was then assigned to Kiel. We have learned to love this new area and are pleased at the kind welcome we have received.

Map of Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

This map of Germany (left) does not list Dortmund, but it is located just to the right of Essen. Kiel is right at the top and Hamburg (mission headquarters) is just underneath.
Dortmund is in Nordrhein-Westfalen(right), the most densely populated state in Germany and the center of much of the industry.

Our new apartment in Dortmund

These are pictures of our new apartment.
A view from the outside

dining area

Living Room/Study
Living Room/Study
Living Room/Study

Shopping area near our apartment in Dortmund

Dortmund Outreach Center

The Outreach Center in Dortmund is attached to the Stake Center(below).

The addition of the Outreach Center is brand new.

Inside the Outreach Center


Soest is a beautiful town that dates back to the 7th century. There are many half timber buildings and green sandstone churches and buildings.


We stopped in Westerhever on our way from Kiel to Dortmund.


This is a picture of Husum, home of 19th century author, Theodor Storm. We stopped here on the way to Dortmund.

Last Sunday in Kiel

Here we are on our last Sunday in Kiel with many of the JAEs (Young Single Adults).

Der Sturm (The Tempest)

Here are a few pictures from the student production of "Der Sturm" (The Tempest). The students put a lot of work into this play, and about 80 people attended the performance.

Sister Jones with "Gonzalo"

Church Friends from Kiel

Zho Xin and Tanja Carstensen
Kiel Relief Society Sisters
Bishop Schoen and wife, Annette
High Priest Group Dinner

Last English class in Kiel:
Peter from Lebanon
Bro from Kurdistan (with father's violin)
Sister Lim from Oregon
Eton from China

Schleswig-Holstein Outdoor Museum

We visited an outdoor musuem just outside of Kiel that showed many early farmsteads and such.


St. Peter's Cathedral
Gottdorf Palace