Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Scott and Camille came to visit us for a week at the beginning of April. We had such a great time! See below for pictures from their visit.

Westfallen Park

Hannoversch Münden

We visited the charming city of Hannoversch Münden that has over 700 half timber buildings.

Castle in Altena

We visited this beautiful castle in Altena

P-Day Excursion

In February we took a P-day excursion to Bielefeld to see an exhibit of Emil Nolde, an early 20th century North German artist. On the way back we stopped by Detmold to see the Hermannsdenkmal(see bottom picture), which commemorates the victory by the Germanic tribes over the Roman legions in 9 AD, and the Externsteine which is an interesting rock formation that became a religious site in pre and post Christian times.