Thursday, June 21, 2007

Map of Schleswig-Holstein

A map of Schleswig-Holstein, of which Kiel is the capital. Click on the map to see it bigger.

Kiel District - June 20th

Kiel District meeting, June 20th, 2007

Ship on Kiel Fiord

This is a big Russian 4 mast ship we just saw recently at the Kiel fiord. There are ships from everywhere as this week is a big celebration in Kiel called Kieler Woche.


This is a church where we have gone to attend some concerts. Most recently a recorder concert, and in April a concert with 2 violins and a cello. The setting is so beautiful....reminded us of a little country church in England. Westensee means the West Lake and it's right by a beautiful lake.

Couples Conference in Hamburg

June 15th and 16th we were in Hamburg for a Couples Conference. These pictures are from the boat ride we took. You can see the big container ship we saw at the harbor.

Bad Oldesloe

This is the town we stayed in when we went to the Youth Conference in Delingsdorf.


Here's a little town called Mölln that we visited the weekend of the Youth Conference. It's famous because it is supposedly where Till Eugenspielgel died and is buried by the St. Nicholas church tower. We are pictured by the statue of the celebrated jester near the market place where we had lunch.


For one P-day activity, we went with the Kiel district missionaries to the beach at Sylt. Sylt is a 25 mile island north of Kiel - about a 2 1/2 hour train ride away. It was a fun excursion.


This is the church building in Heide. We went to visit the branch there one Sunday.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Celebrating our Anniversary in Hamburg

We were in Hamburg on our anniversary, attending a wedding for Jens and Anja Zickler.

We had lunch by the Rathaus (city hall). We ate right beside the water.


We attended the civil ceremony of two of our young single adults - Jens and Anja Zickler. They were sealed in the Temple the following day (as is the custom here.)

These children were from the kindergarten class where Anja works.


President and Sister Barber, and The Browns (the mission office couple)
Missionaries at the home of the Zicklers (also pictured is recent convert Saher).
Kiel District
Transfer day, at the train station.

Sister missionaries using computers at the Center.

Our apartment, some updates

Mom has been doing some things to make our apartment homier. She's gotten a few plants, throw pillows, pictures, and new window treatments. We bought an inexpensive sewing machine from IKEA, and she used it to fit the curtains to the various windows, and also make some pillows.

Living Room

Making cookies for an activity.

Morning walk in Kronshagen

We really enjoy taking our morning walks through our neighborhood. Here are some pictures from a recent walk.

Kiel Canal and Kiel Fiord

A yacht and freighter ship we saw on a walk along the Kiel Canal.
At the Kiel Fiord.

Bergen-Belsen Holocaust Memorial

These pictures were taken at Bergen-Belsen Holocaust Memorial, a former concentration camp. Anne Frank and her sister, along with thousands of others died here. There were many burial mounds and shrines. Very sobering.


A Hundertwasser exhibit we recently attended in Eutin.
A train station in Uelzen designed by the Austrian architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Game Night

Pictures from a Friday Night Game Night at the Center

Birthday and Farewell Party

All these pictures are from a big birthday/dance/karaoke/game/farewell party for Claudia Weber, one of our JAE's who is leaving in July to attend the U of U. There were about 40 young adults in attendance that evening - many non-members. It was quite a fun night!