Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lori & Jared visit Dortmund

Grandma and Grandpa Jones were thrilled to bond with and get to know our youngest grandchild, Jared David Sherman, after not seeing him for a whole year.

Arriving & walking around Hombruch

Lori and Jared arriving in Düsseldorf after their LONG journey from Los Angeles.

Enjoying a walk around the neighborhood.

Lunch with the missionaries

The Dortmund young missionaries were treated to lunch in downtown Dortmund as Elder Frank was heading home to Frankfurt with his 2 year mission complete. (Lori and Jared joined us. Lori took the picture.)

Day Trips

Dad and Lori had some fun outings to Wewelsburg Castle & Münster. Mom stayed home and played and bonded with Jared. Saturday we all went to the Kaiser Wilhelm monument close to Dortmund.

Church and Family Night

Here's Lori, just before leaving for church with Dad. Mom stayed home with Jared, who wasn't feeling well.

At the center Monday evening for Family Home Evening

Game Night at the Center

The JAEs at the Dortmund Center were enjoying the new pool table. It seems to be a good attraction for the young people after family night, Institute, and especially on the recent "Spielabend" (game night).


A traditional Jones Christmas breakfast of carmel pecan rolls, canned peaches, juice and hot chocolate. YUMMY! A gift of love.

Sister Jones sporting her new handmade knitted Christmas gift from Camille.

The first and only snow in Dortmund this winter arrived 5 days before Christmas. It didn't last long.

Christmas Eve with the Nabrotzky Family

We were invited to spend Christmas Eve with the Nabrotzky family from our Ward. It was a very special evening with music, the Christmas story, food, family and friends. Notice the live tree with real lit candles.

Dinner with Sister Krökel

Here we are enjoying dinner at Sister Krökel's home. Sister Wilson and Sister Gomez were also there.