Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to our Mission blog

Welcome! This is our place to share some pictures from our time as CES Outreach Missionaries in the Germany, Hamburg Mission. We served our first 6 months in Kiel, and are now in Dortmund. Click on any picture to view it larger. Thanks for visiting!


Phyllis said...

Dear Brother and Sister Jones,
Wow, am I impressed with your blog all about the mission. I love seeing the pictures--it brings you right into focus with everything from FHE with the students to spring blossoms on the trees. Elder Jones, you have lost a bit of weight, I note, and you certainly do look swelt and handsome! Of course, Janet, you are the model for all good photo shoots, so I love to see your smiling face. Thanks for sharing this. More later. Much love

Cornmealieo said...

I love the pictures, you both look great. I can't wait to show the twins pictures of Grandma and Grandpa "pop pop". I really wish we could come for a wee visit today!


KickButtMommy said...

Glad you have joined the blogging world. It is so great to see all of your fun pictures.

Jens said...

Nice blog! That's a lot of pictures you already have in here!! I'm excited you post them here!!

Zhou Xin said...

Hello Sister and Elder Jones,
I like your blog! They are nice photos with nice people at nice places. I love them! Thank you!

We have a good time with you in Kiel! Waiting for more pictures...

Kathy said...

Hi Uncle Randy and Aunt Janet! Just thought I'd pop in to say hello. It's been fun checking out your mission pictures from time to time. You look great and it sounds like you're having wonderful experiences! Lots of love,

H said...

Dear Elder & Sister Jones,
My dad, Dean Pierpont, sent your latest e-mail -- what a wonderful opportunity you have to serve! I'm realizing that Senior Missions have a broad spectrum of exciting themes!
Just a quick question: Have you met an Elder Collins from Provo? I'm not sure where he's serving but he's from our ward. Tell him hello from the Lues if you get to meet him!
God bless!
Heather (Pierpont) Lue

daveandmarie said...

Lori looks like her Mother, how fun that must of been, am so happy you got to spend that time with your daughter and grand son

Grandma F said...

Hi Bro and Sis Jones,
Love your blog. It was so fun to see the pictures of Scott and Camille, I am sure they loved their trip. You guys look great as always and I am sure you are doing good works. Love you so much!